About Us

Door Queens is a full service door company that represents, installs, repairs, designs, and services the largest range of doors and latest hardware products everywhere in the area.

Since our company was built, our name has been considered as the leading door company, thus providing 100% best customer service and the highest quality products for many commercial and residential owners who are looking for quality door installation and repairs. We are the best door company in the market to choose from and this is all because of our courteous, professional and highly experienced door specialist, installers and technicians. At Door Queens, we strongly believe that every customer is extremely valuable to our company and highly customer satisfaction is our main goal. From commercial to residential door installation and repairs, we handle every single work with close attention and care to ensure great results and customer satisfaction. We are highly committed to providing unmatched service, and so you will come back for more of our best services offered.

As having high quality door for security is the main concern of many home and business owners today, we have decided to offer what people really deserve and need, especially for having a reputable door that they can count on when it comes to door installation and repair. Moreover, our company was built with the aim of offering outstanding door service to anyone who is looking for this kind of service. Actually, we never expected to be a leading door company, but we admit that we are truly proud and happy for being one of your best choices in the market.
We are always ready to listen to all your concerns and are very happy to serve you. So, wherever you are in the area and no matter what kind of door service you are looking for, such as commercial or residential door repair, new door installation or replacing your interior or exterior door as long we are available you can rest assured to get our service as quick as possible.


What Can We Offer You?

  • Commercial Door Repair. We can assist you with all of your door problems for your business property. Our door repairman can repair all types of doors, operators, and replacement parts with quality workmanship.  In addition to that, all of our professional specialists as well as technicians are highly trained in order to meet your highest expectations.
  • Residential Door Repair. Your door in your home has a great role in the overall security of your family, so if your door has a problem; do not hesitate to call us because residential door repairing is also our expertise. We have prompt, courteous and professional door repairmen who will fix your problem anytime of the day and anywhere you are. Meaning to say, if your problem occurs even late at night, you can expect for our quick arrival in your home. Just give us your call and location for great and effective response.
  • Exterior door installation. Your exterior door does not only serve as the main entrance through your home, but it also enhances the curb appeal and security of your home. Therefore, if you are not yet satisfied with their looks, it is essential to have our service for quality exterior door installation.  We have our qualified and professional door installers who know how to install any style of door that fit the appearance of your home.  With us you can rest assured to have our service upon your request and expectation.
  • Interior door installation. If your interior has been damaged already, it is therefore important not to consider a repair service, instead why not give it a new look by having our interior door installation. Because replacing interior doors are much better, this helps you to save money from repair and at the same time have a new door appearance. Door installation can be difficult especially for those who do not have any knowledge on how to install door on their own.  But if you consider hiring our company for the installation of your interior, we will make sure to do our project as fast as we can without any complication to think about.
  • Prompt service. At Door Queens, we have skilled and professional door specialists who are very committed to providing their service to any of our customers. If you have a problem with your door and need an immediate action for this, just call us and within half hour we will be right there at your back. Feel free to call us anytime, as we offer you our fast service 24/7.
  • Emergency door repair and installation. Our team understands that you do not have enough time to give extra attention to your door needs knowing that you are always busy on your work. So, if you think that you are ready need a new door with the latest design in the market, our company is available to serve you.
Our team can handle all sorts of commercial, residential door needs. We are fully licensed and bonded to serve you. If you have any questions, concerns or any suggestions in regards with our products and services, do not hesitate to call us and with our own knowledge and level of expertise, we will make sure to answer you. We are a company that knows the latest innovation and products on the market so we can also give you the services that will match your expectations.

 Why Choose Us?

If you are in search for a brand new door for your home or office, we at Door Queens will be happy to help provide your needs. Our company only uses the highest quality products in the industry, so you can rest assured that your door whether it is exterior or interior door or any type of door such as sliding door or glass door, we will always serve your home for many years to come.  As with our company mission, we continue to strive to bring the best for great services that you can rely on.

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