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Doors are where the living space begins! Whether it is a commercial premises or a residential premises, no space is complete without a door. A crucial fixture to any space, it has to be aesthetically appealing as well as strong and sturdy enough to provide the space users with security.

The inconspicuous entry/exit point of the space serves many a purposes which are not often noticed. Apart from security, it provides privacy when used within the home or office, protects from chilly winds or lashes of rain when used in verandas or balconies. Little known is the fact that an improperly installed door can lead to increased heating and cooling costs. As these doors are not sealed properly they can result in air infiltration, letting air escape or enter your living space. For many people installation of a door is just a ‘by the way’ job and do not pay much attention to the details. Doors are generally installed during construction or are often changed for enhanced appearance or increased security.

Contrary to popular belief, installation or repair of a door are not all that simple as they appear. They are rather complicated jobs requiring high level of expertise. Whether it is residential door repair and installation or commercial door repair and installation, both require equal level of skills, so that the issue can be handled effectively.

Commercial Door Repair and Installationcommercial door repair and installatio

Commercial door repair and installation is exacting work and requires a great deal of knowledge and trained craftsmanship for a perfect and secure fit. A commercial premises is fitted with doors of all sizes and materials. There can be doors of glass, steel, metal or wood, which not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the space but also provide the much needed security. The use of any material for the doors is no guarantee that in future there will be no need of commercial door repair or installation. As security is the primary concern for any door installation, the need of the hour is a service which is accustomed to working with all kinds of doors and providing the users of the space with relief and security. Though on the whole commercial door repair and installation requires a great deal of proficiency, experts need to be extra careful while handling glass doors.

Commercial door repair and installation undertaken by Door Repair Queens, provides its customers with all the above and more. The skilled technicians at Door Repair Queens are well trained and equipped with the latest and highest quality tools to handle all your needs with ease.

Installing a door is no layman’s job and may not be a successful endeavor if it is a DIY project. Sometimes the repair of a door may necessitate uninstallation, which again requires a high level of expertise. Details like the right indentation of hinges so that the door fits properly in the designated space or the appropriate clearance so that the door doesn’t scrape the floor can be identified and handled by an expert with ease. They have a skillful grip over the tools required for commercial door repair and installation like measuring, cutting, drilling and fastening.

Door Repair Queens is quick to attend to all complaints regarding commercial door repair and installation, as they are aware that generally such jobs need to be attended on an urgent basis. The well qualified handyman not only fix, repair and install doors but they will also install hardware which may be broken and need to be replaced or could be a new addition. Hinges, handles, door closets, door seals, locks, door stops, etc, it could be broken or you may want to add it to your door as an afterthought. The experts are adept at fixing or installing them within no time.

Door handling is a delicate job and a shoddy job can escalate the costs for owners. A door could be misaligned right from the beginning, the door may have sagged in its frame, a buildup of paint or dirt could be preventing the door from closing completely or many such problems demand immediate attention.

Sometimes there can be problems with the operation of the door like a sliding door may have jumped track, a hinged door could be stuck in its frame or a bi-fold door could have left its pivot mouth. The reasons could be many- but the end result is that the door needs instant attention or needs to be replaced on a war footing. A service like Door Repair Queens offers outstanding solutions to commercial door repairs and installation and all issues related to all kinds of doors.

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Door Repair Queens is a full service door company that represents, installs, repairs, designs, and services the largest range of doors and supplies the latest hardware products. They aim to provide fast and efficient services for all kinds of doors whether they are in commercial or residential premises, whether it is new door installation or replacing the old one or it could just be repairs.

Remember when it is about doors no one but Door Repair Queens can deliver utmost satisfaction.

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