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Your home is your castle. It is a symbol of your dreams becoming a reality. It’s your sanctuary, your pride. You will leave no stone unturned to ensure a good first impression of your home for any visitor or passerby.

The entrance doors are the portal to the soul of your house. It’s a style statement that must be as elegant and welcoming as you are. When it comes to making a statement about who lives inside, your front door is the Star of your castle. You’ll elevate your home’s curb appeal when you match your front door to your home.
Let’s not forget, Safety is as paramount as Beauty. Entry doors must be tough enough to withstand the wind, rain, scorching sun, and intruders. So if you’re contemplating a dramatic face-lift to the facade of your home, be certain that you’re choosing a replacement door that’s up to the task. Like any investment you make in your home, hiring a professional entry door design & installation specialist to install your door is the best way to move forward.

A specialist door installation company will have superior knowledge and experience of the entry door industry. Doors installed by professionals from Door installation in Queens, NY ensure your home is truly and completely insulated from within and without, be it summer or winter. We will help you choose a door that is not only beautiful and elegant but also provides the security and functionality your family needs.

Door installation in Queens, NY is a family operated and owned business; our work ethics have been the driving force of our success. Having built a reputation for excellence of work, design, and creation compared to none, our company has been serving clients for both commercial and residential purposes since a few decades. The specialists at Door installation in Queens, NY have built a reputation for being professional, efficient, quick and gracious. Our Craftsmanship meets the highest standards of the industry with regular training and certifications.

Repair or replace? It’s an important consideration, particularly if you love the door you have. It’s Time to go in for a NEW Door if you notice:door repairs queens

1. Expensive cost of repairs– Door repair costs typically range from $80 to $300, depending on door type, materials used and the type of damage. Painting,           staining, adjusting and refinishing are easy fixes, although sometimes they are not cheaper than a new front door. If you have to do more than that to your door,  Door installation in Queens, NY suggests you get a new one.

2. Your front door is weathered, scratched, or dented

3. The weather stripping around all sides of the front door has worn out.

4. Cracks along the door’s edges or within its panels – if you can slide a dollar bill under the door from the outside with no resistance, then the Door lets in drafts

5. On inspecting your door on both hot and cold days, if you feel the exterior temperatures on the inside surface, then your door may not have adequate insulation. Door installation in Queens, NY will help you in upgrading the door with a replacement that is more energy efficient and has an ENERGY STAR®          qualified rating for your geographic area.

6. Makeover or change in the style of a Garage door is the Crown of curb appeal. – A shabby garage door can be a real liability.

7. Trendy and elegant Interior Door – Just because, or you love the new trends and designs. The range of designs and workmanship offered at Door installation in     Queens, NY for interior doors is unparalleled.


When you contact Door installation in Queens, NY, our experts will immediately be at your service to evaluate your doors, interior or exterior, and determine the status of the door’s operational capabilities and energy efficiency features.

Door Installation Process

1. Inspection and evaluation: Scheduled immediately once we receive a call from you at the given no.

2. Our Recommendation: Experts at Door installation Queens in NY will help you bridge the gap between aesthetics and function.

3. Door installation: Our Craftsmanship is a blend of skill and techniques that match the high standards of the industry.

When first impressions count, go with Door installation Queens in NY. We have raised the bar and set the standard in replacement doors customized for your home and office to offer you an optimal fit and performance across Queens Area, NY. Our goal is to help bring your unique design vision to life while adding the utmost in style, value, and functionality.
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